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iPuG has for a very long time offered one of the best boosting services available. We’ll take you through any desired content of this expansion, by your loot rules where you will obtain every item that is available for your specialization.


When you purchase a boost from iPuG we require you to pay 25% upfront. We want to insure that you are a serious buyer with intention of completing the boost, and not just waste our time. The remaining 75% will be paid before the pull of the first boss in the purchased raid instance.


Impeccable service fast smooth and friendly. One shoot every boss insane amounts of loot 10 items for me this run. I was probably very lucky.

Its refreshing to find someone doing real full boost with out most of the raid team being saved or cutting any corners in any way! Really puts them at the top for gold payed boost.

Mêzzo Mêzzo

Just bought a mythic Archi, mount included boost from these guys, Looz is a nice guy and 100% trustworthy. Awesome raid, would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a boost.

Scherzkeks Scherzkeks

I purchased a boost on Sunday, I was worried at first handing over so much gold BUT they were very professional and trustworthy. I loved that I could pay from one server but take a char from another. Went from 695 to 711 in little over two hours. This gave me the boost I needed to raid with friends, will use their service again this weekend on my monk 😀

Bloddwen Bloddwen

Just had a boost this evening with IPuG. Organised, quick and efficient. Very polite and friendly people. I recommend them!!!

Vokíal Vokíal
You can find more feedback and ask questions in the iPuG Boosting thread on the Sylvanas Forum here.

You can also add Looz#2938 if you have any questions or want to book a boost with iPuG.

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